New Year: Kolkata Welcomes 2018 With Fireworks


Kolkata: The city of joy welcomes new year with fireworks and lighting. All are in party mood to celebrate new year night. Since evening, hundreds of people have started pouring into Park Street, which has been decorated beautifully with special lighting arrangements by the state government.

Other places including Eco Park, Victoria Memorial Hall, Alipore Zoo and Nicco Park all saw huge footfall since morning and after spending the entire day in these places, a large section of the people chose to turn up at Park Street to celebrate New Year at midnight.
Eco Park was the favourite place of attraction among people of all ages and people taking selfies in front of the replicas of the seven wonders was a common sight.

The Japanese Garden was another attractive spot in Eco Park where people gathered in large numbers to enjoy its beauty, besides going for different water rides. People from other parts of the state visited the places on Sunday.

Many from different parts of the country and abroad were present in the city to experience the New Year here. It may be mentioned that the state government has taken several steps to attract tourists from other parts of the country and abroad. The city has been beautified and all the tourist spots have been given a major facelift.

The police have taken stringent measures to avoid any untoward incident on New Year’s eve. Additional policemen have been deployed and close watch is being kept to take immediate action if someone is found making any attempt to foment trouble.