New Year: City Is Under Eagle Eye Surveillance By KP


Kolkata: As 2017 has come to an end so Kolkata is rising to respond to a new year with enthusiasm and madness. Relatedly administration is worried about the Law and Order context.

Kolkata Police has taken some special measure to keep the situation normal. Keeping in mind the last day and the first day celebration, they will provide some special security to the enthusiasts. For those two days 5000 police personnel will be deployed into service around the city. To supervise the condition 12 Deputy Commissioner Officials and 56 Assistant Commissioner will move around the city.

Parallelly, 184 inspector,639 sub-inspector and surgeon, 1120 sub assistant will be there to control the whole affair throughout the city. Extra forces will be there with the additional force. To keep the festive mood lively 550 women police will be deployed. Among them 319 will work on 31 December and 231 will work on the first day of 2018.

Apart from these security measures there will be policemen of white dress mainly around the bars and pubs to avoid distasteful wild celebration.

This time Kolkata Police is taking measures to determine a peaceful new year greeting avoiding unpleasant incident in the street and good night journey in the city.