New Twist in Kasba Woman Murder


Kolkata: The murdered woman in Kasba has been murdered by some close relatives, said Police. After investigation it has been found that gold worth Lakhs, Rs.20000 and a mobile has been looted from the murdered woman’s house.

On Monday night, a dead body of a woman, named Kamla Rajbanshi has been found in South Kolkata’s Kasba’s Naskar area. The murder has created panic at the area. The woman used to stay at the house with her granddaughter. According to sources, the granddaughter had gone for her tuition at the time of murder. She came and saw the blood bathed dead body of her grandmother and started shouting in shock, which gathered the crowd.

According to police, some close relative has murdered the old woman. The murderer was well aware of the timings of the grandmother, and knew when she would be free. The younger daughter of the murdered woman has come down from Mumbai on Tuesday. Police are expecting more revelations of the murder after forensic test.