New Town Teacher ‘Intimate Video’ With Girl Student Goes Viral


Kolkata: A teacher’s intimate moment video with a girl student goes viral on social media. Meanwhile this incident has triggered huge rage in the Patharkata high school in New Town. After the video went viral the guardians went to school on Thursday and protested against such awful incident.

Meanwhile, the Newtown Police has arrested the accused teacher.The accused teacher’s name is Arindam Kumar Mondal. Police have taken the accused in their custody and has began to probe the whole incident.

However, the accused Arindam, has claimed that he has no connection with the incident.

According to the sources, Arindam Kumara Mondal is the teacher of Patharkata high school in New Town, the girl student who is seen in the video was his student and used to take tuition from him.This sensational incident has taken place in the same coaching centre.Parents complained that the school was informed many time before. But all their words went to the deaf ears. But after the video went viral it triggered huge protest.

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