New Town Metro Project Robbery: Kingpin Held


Kolkata: The kingpin of the construction material theft racket Raja Jaiswal was arrested by Newtown Police. He was arrested from Newtown’s Hatiara on Wednesday. Earlier, police has been arrested three people in this incident. The names of the victims are Nishant Jaiswal, Mohammad Asif Ali and Rajesh Tanti.

Police sources said, few days ago materials stolen from an under-construction site of Metro Railways near New Garia-Kolkata Airport Metro Project Eco Park. Police said that he used to take notes on the total number of security personnel posted mainly at night at the construction sites. He used to target the sites where lesser number of security personnel was posted.

The construction agency said that a robbery team of 15-20 people attacked at Metro project area. Near about Five lakh has looted. On the basis of the complaint, police started investigation. Police raid different places to search for the robbers. A few days ago, three people were arrested. But the main Kingpin was absconded.

Acting on a tip off, the police went to Hatiyara and arrested the kingpin Raja Jaiswal. Police started interrogation to reveal the true motive behind on this.