New Technology To Help Army Predict Intrusions


New Delhi: Delhi’s internet of things-based border security startup CRON Systems is set to help the Indian Army predict and prevent intrusions.

The firm, founded by Tushar Chhabra, Saurav Agarwala and Tommy Katzenellenbogen, is working at the borders to build a suitable product based on Army’s requirements.

“We have found three pain points that the Army faces daily. There is no communication channel, due to lack of infrastructure they cannot install new-age products and most of the time it becomes so complicated for the end users that they cannot even use it,” said Chhabra.

The company has installed multiple sensors in the poles for accurate intrusion verification. The sensors have a range of 100-200 m and are capable of recognising movement of friends or foes.

As soon as a movement is detected beyond the perimeter or border, an alarm is raised and an alert is sent to an analytics platform through an encrypted wireless communication system.