New proposal to resolve the Ayodhya case


Ayodhya: The complex Ram temple-Babri Masjid case will perhaps be solved outside the court. The demolition of Babri mosque which sparked nationwide riots in the nineties is perhaps going to be solved peacefully.

Hashim Ansari the main litigant in the case has discussed a new proposal with Akhara Parishad Chief Mahant Gayan Das to solve the Ayodhya dispute, that they are planning to put before the Supreme Court.

The out-of-court settlement proposal suggests that the 70 acres of the disputed premises would accommodate both mosque and temple with a partition wall at a height of 100 feet.

Mr. Ansari had earlier met Mahant Gyan Das the head priest of Ayodhya’s famous Hanuman Garhi temple, several times to resolve the matter. The plan was to resolve the case with keeping in view the sensibility of both the Hindu and Muslim community over the matter.

Mr. Ansari said, “After the draft is finalized, we will get it signed by all the top religious leaders from both the communities who are supporting our cause since the beginning, before submitting it in the Supreme Court.” The negotiation draft would be made public only after it was submitted to the Supreme Court, he added.

Mahant Gyan Das criticized BHP and termed it communal. “They just want to create communal tension between the communities…We are in favour of construction of both Ram temple and Babri mosque adjacent to each other but with a huge division wall of more than 100 ft in between,” the Hanuman Garhi temple head priest said.