New Pipeline Installation To Ease Salt Lake’s Water Crisis


Kolkata: The second phase of laying pipelines in Salt Lake has commenced. The State government has started the project which is expected to supply 20 millions of gallons per day (MGD) of filtered Hooghly river water. The water would be supplied from the 100MGD treatment plant in New Town.

The project, monitored by Hidco, is being implemented by the state public health engineering (PHE) and urban development department. “The PHE department has been working to set up the distribution network in such a manner that the underground sewerage and drainage system of the areas is not affected,” a project official said.

Once the second phase is over, New Town will receive 60MGD of water. According to the plan, out of the 100MGD water that will be supplied from Hooghly and treated, Salt Lake will get 15MGD and Sector V will get 5MGD of water. Similarly, Haroa in North 24-Parganas and parts of South Dum Dum municipality will also receive 20MGD of water from the scheme.

An official of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation said, currently the township requires about 10MGD of water. The supply shortage that occurs particularly during the summer season would become a thing of past once water supply kicks off from the New Town plant.

The official added, the water will be supplied from the treatment plant through a smart supervisory control and data acquisition system. The pumps would will be switched on and off from the control panel.

Five pumps have been installed to suck out the Hooghly water at Rani Debendra Bala Ghat and flow it into the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation area along with the narrow strip near Kestopur Mission Bazaar which was developed a few years ago. A steel plate has been fixed on both sides of the narrow strip so that water does not spill and easily flows into the 100MGD water treatment plant at Tarulia in Rajarhat from where the water is being treated and supplied.