This New Malware Demands Nudes As Ransom


New Delhi: Up until now, all of us have heard about various ransomware asking for loads of money in exchange for giving back data.

However, the latest one to hit the market seems to be designed by a pervert for the sake of achieving a kind of pleasure known to himself/herself. We say this because it asks for nudes in exchange of the unlock code for the ransom ware.

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A report from Motherboard states that researchers at the Malware Hunter Team have discovered the nRansom malware that demands nudes in order to return the data to the user. “Your computer has been locked,” reads the malware window, which then asks the victim to send an email to the hacker.

It clearly states this — “After we reply, you must send at least 10 nude pictures of you. After that, we will have to verify that the nudes belong to you.”

The ransom ware hogs the screen with a collage of popular cartoon character ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ saying the following words — F#@K YOU. The ransom ware also keeps playing a funny track on loop in the background.

It seems that the malware was designed particularly for the female computer audience by someone who was in desperate need of nude pictures. It could also be a prank with no malicious code — just a way to fool women to get nudes.

Whatever may be the case, the malware is detected by major antivirus software and therefore poses no grave threat to users.