New Initiative Taken By Kolkata Traffic Police


Kolkata: Testing while driving ? or Calling while Driving? You woulb be punished by locals too. So Be aware! Kolkata Traffic Police ask help from Kolkatans for this motive.

It is easy to understand why using a hand-held phone is a problem: in addition to having your eye of the road, with one hand on the wheel it is harder to navigate bends and respond to hazards. For many people, this is the obvious reason why hand-held calls are banned while driving. But there is another problem: the act of conversation itself is a distraction.

Using mobile phone while driving is illegal. It diverts the attention of the driver which may lead to fatal accidents. All are aware of this; yet some drivers continue to violate the law blatantly on the city roads. This has to stop.

Kolkata Traffic Police is trying its best to curb the menace through prosecutions and sustained awareness drives. However, K.P. asks for support too in saving precious lives from Kolkatans..

In their page, it is published that – Whenever you come across any such incident please inform Kolkata Traffic Police on the WhatsApp number 9903588888 or Bondhu App with image of the incident, & vehicle no, with place, date & time.Violators will be strictly dealt with by Kolkata Traffic Police. Your effort will lead towards bolstering our “ Safe Drive, Save Life” and few lucky informants might win prizes too.