New Info on Red Road Air Force Jawan Murder

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Kolkata: New Information Regarding the Murder of Air Force Jawan Abhimanyu Gaud at Red Road while practicing for Republic day Parade, has been derived by detectives. After the accident, the accused car’s driver cum owner Ambiya Sohrab fled to Kolaghat from Kolkata. The father of Ambiya Sohrab, Mohammad Sohrab is don of Burrabazar, and has now become trinamool leader after changing party.

Hence time has been taken by police to take action in the high profile sensational murder case. The Air Force officers have come down for inspection on Friday.

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According to police, they suspect that Ambiya has fled to another state after tracking his mobile location. The accused had been in Kolkata till 10 a.m, the detectives got to know. After this the phone was switched off. After that they fled to a different spot. But after tracking phone of relatives, detectives have received different information.

All these confusions has led police to controversy again.