New Hope For J&K Tourism In Wake Of Durga Puja


Srinagar: Tourism is one of the major industries in Jammu and Kashmir, and creates a lot of revenue for the state. The tourism sector, which had been hit badly due to the unrest last year, is seeing a positive progress, with the rise in the number of tourists visiting Kashmir in last couple of days .

Although the progress is slow but locals linked to tourism sector are seeing a new hope in wake of Durga puja, on which tourists mainly from Kolkata visits in large numbers.

A Local said to Kolkata24x7 that the Kashmir tourism was badly affected by the unrest last year which also lasted till earlier this year. The tourism industry hit by 0% loss since last year but the situation is improving now . As the festive season is knocking at the door more tourist are visiting Kashmir . They said tourism is the backbone of Kashmir. And they pray for betterment of Kashmir and its people , they wish the situation of Kashmir develops so that the people who are attached with the Kashmir tourism also earn good and flourish.

While talking to Kolkata24x7 locals said that in the month of March and April the numbers of tourists who visited Kashmir was good but again it declined due to some recent issues in Kashmir. The dwindling number of tourists since last year’s unrest has hit earnings badly. In last fifteen to twenty days tourists have started visiting Kashmir again. Kashmir tourism is having now a new hope in wake of Durga puja, nearly 80% of tourists visited Kashmir every year before the unrest. And most of the tourists who visit Kashmir are from West Bengal especially form Kolkata.

The locals said that people are still in trauma with the Kashmir unrest and so they are scared to visit Kashmir, but with the change in present situation people must now visit Kashmir and feel it’s natural beauty which is eternal. Some tourists who visited Kashmir said that they feel safe and the weather is pleasant.

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