New Fish To Tickle Bengali Taste Buds


Tamluk: A new variety of fish is soon going to have its way to Bengali kitchen. Common Carp or American Rohu has been genetically modified by scientists of Fisheries Research and Information Centre, Bangalore to get a new variety of fish called Amur. It is basically a new breed of Common Carp.

State Fisheries department along with Haldia Panchayat Samiti has launched a pilot project for cultivation of Amur fish. Haldia Panchayat Samity is providing financial assistance under its ATMA Project. Four fishermen have been roped in for the project. They have been given baby Amur fish on Friday.  They have been provided information regarding the procedure of cultivating this fish. The fisherman has been advised by Haldia Block Development Officer Rajarshi Nath and President of Halida Panchayat Samiti Khukumani Sahu to work in close proximity with the officials of state fisheries department.

Giving out information regarding the genetic modification of Common Carp to Amur, Suman Sahu of State Fisheries Department said that the new fish has become slim and has come out in a new avatar.

At present, the problem of common carp or American rohu is that they sexually mature faster (within a span of 6 months) and before they acquire a size that could make them commercially viable, they produce eggs. Thus they grow in number as a result; there is a shortage of food and space for them to grow properly.
So scientists have found a way to arrest the sexual maturity of common carp so that they can grow in a proper manner and thus Amur is created.

Sahu further added that more and more fisheries should opt for cultivation of Amur. Earlier State fisheries department along with Kalyani Fisheries and Pisciculture has bought ten pairs of male and female Amur from Bangalore for cultivation in seven districts of North Bengal.

Now the spotlight is on South Bengal. From Fisheries Research and Information Centre Bangalore, fish have been bought. Suman Sahu added that scientists of Bangalore institute, those who genetically modified American Rohu or Common Carp have encouraged and assisted them. Fishermen are enthusiastic about cultivating a new fish which would be commercially so viable.

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