New Bus Fares To Be Effective From Today


Kolkata: New bus fare hike to effective from Monday. After a span of four years, the fares of buses, minibuses, taxis and trams have been increased.

As per the transport department, the lowest fare for the bus has been increased by one rupees so the six rupees fare is increased to seven rupees now.The lowest minibus fares which was seven rupees has been increased to eight rupees.In case of taxis, the minimum fares up to 2 kilometer will be thirty rupees. After 2km every 200 meters will cost three rupees.Taxis will also charge five rupees extra for luggages.

Bus fare upto 4 kilometers will be seven rupees, 4km-to12km the fare will be nine rupees, 12km-16km the fare will be ten rupees, 16km-20km the fare will be eleven rupees and 20km-24km fare will be twelve rupees.

The minimum fare in mini buses will eight rupees upto 3 kilometers, 3km-6km the fare will be nine rupees, 6km-10km the fare will be ten rupees, 10km-16km will be eleven rupees.

Meanwhile, the Transport Department has constituted a committee under the transport secretary Alapan Banerjee. Although the fares have been increased but will the commuters get the proper services now? This is the question of every commoners.

Reported By: Subhas Baidya

Edited By: Mousumi Das