Netaji’s Family Was Spied Upon, Says Mamata

  • People like Netaji, Sardar Patel, Maulana Azad, Bhagat Singh are our heroes. Why should any truth about them be hidden? – MB
  • Govt of India can solve bilateral issues if it wants. We are ready to be part of any committee: WB CM
  • Will we hide facts about Gandhi ji or Ambedkar? They sacrificed their lives for the nation: WB CM
  • Why would relations with other countries be spoiled if we honour our great icons who fought for our freedom? – WB CM Mamata
  • It is unfortunate that so many years after independence Netaji has not got his due honour: WB CM
  • We will tackle law and order situation if it arises. It is just an excuse. I repeat, truth about Netaji must come out: WB CM
  • There will be no law and order problem. People want to know the truth about Netaji. People of Kolkata are proud of him: WB CM
  • From the files I saw, it was clear family of Netaji was snooped on. There are intercepts: MB
  • From childhood I have strongly believed that truth about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose come out: WB CM
  • If there is nothing to hide, why is the Centre not declassifying: Mamata
  • Let Central Govt also declassify Netaji files Let people know the truth. Let them be the judge: mamata
  • We want to know the truth. We believe in transparency and accountability. Let good sense prevail and truth must come out: WB CM
  • Centre must also made the files public for the sake of the nation: WB CM
  • We have made the beginning. People must know about the final days of Netaji. He must get his due recognition: WB CM
  • Historians and researchers must study these files minutely. We must know truth about the great, brave son of the soil: WB CM
  • The files declassified today were in the possession of WB Govt. We have fulfilled our responsibility to the people: WB CM
  • Centre also possesses some files. Netaji belonged to Kolkata so some files are present in Kolkata: WB CM
  • The Netaji files are digitised and converted into CD format because it is so voluminous: WB CM
  • There are so many files here and artifacts dating to period even before independence at Kolkata Police Museum.
  • center also posses some files and some files are belongs to Kolkata.
  • Each and every page is important, reading only first page is not enough says Mamata.
  • Mamata is going through the declassified files in Police Museum.
  • WB CM is currently browsing through the files in Kolkata Police Museum. N2

Kolkata: In a historic step the West Bengal government on Friday declassified 64 files pertaining to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The files are kept at Kolkata police Museum, city police commissioner Surajit Kar Purkayastha said on Friday. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has reached Kolkata police museum after the declassification and is likely to address the media shortly.

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