Net Neutrality: Congress Welcomes TRAI’s Decision


New Delhi: The Congress on Monday welcomed TRAI’s decision on net neutrality, saying it was in tune with party vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s call for a free internet all along.

“Rahul Gandhi advocated a Free Internet all along. TRAI’s decision on Net Neutrality is a victory for all Netizens!” said a statement posted on the Indian National Congress (INC) twitter handle.

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The Congress vice-president had earlier accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government of delaying its stand on net neutrality and warning against the Digital India pitch ending up as a surrogate for the interests of big corporations.

“Nasscom has asked for net neutrality, over 500 start-up entrepreneurs are pleading for it, young in India have been demanding it, yet we have a government which under the pretext of repeated discussions has been delaying framing of a clear-cut policy on this,” Gandhi said in a statement.

In a setback to Facebook’s free internet scheme, the TRAI ruled out differential pricing, saying that no company via any offer could charge discriminatory tariff for data on the basis of content effective immediately.