Nestle Draws Plan for Maggi Comeback in India


Mumbai: After suffering the worst packaged food scare in a decade, Nestle the manufacturer of two minute noodle Maggi on Wednesday said that the company could start making Maggi noodles again in India as early as October, paving the way for the snack to feature on Indian shelves by the end of the year.

The company had to order a recall of the product a month later, which cost it about 66 million Swiss francs ($67.42 million) after food regulatory authorities found high lead content in its product. But in August, Bombay High Court ruled in favour of Nestle in its battle to overturn a nationwide ban on the noodles, although the popular snack will have to undergo more safety tests before it can go on sale again.

The court also questioned testing standards at the country’s food watchdog, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.