Nepalese Muslims demand Hindu state


Kathmandu: In a surprising move, the Muslims in Nepal have backed the ongoing campaign to restore the Hindu identity of the country saying that they are more ‘secure’ under a Hindu state than under a secular constitution.

According to several Muslim citizens of Nepal who have demanded that Nepal be deemed as a Hindu Country, said, “It is to protect Islam. I have opened my mouth demaining that Nepal be declared a Hindu state in order to protect my own religion.”

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Admitting the growing influence of Chiritianity in Nepal, CPN-UML CA member Anarkali Miya said that she has personally experienced missionaries trying to influence people from other faiths to follow Christianity.

According to Udbhudin Fru, the Chairman of Muslim Mukti Morcha affiliated to UCPN (Maoist) also admitted the growing influence of Christianity in Nepal.

The writing of the constitution has proved to be a cumbersome work for the ruling and the opposition parties of Nepal. Secularism and Federalism have been the curicial issue for the last eight years.