Nepal faces renewed disaster with a surging death toll


Kathmandu: Update 05:43: The death toll reached 17 in India, with Bihar claiming the highest casualty of 16 dead.

Update 5:11: As per the fresh reports 36 people have been killed and around 1000 people injured in Nepal so far. The death toll is expected to surge further.

Update 3:34 pm: Another 8 people killed in Bihar taking the death toll to a total of 10 in India. As per the fresh reports more than 800 people have been injured in Nepal.

Another aftershock of 5.2 magnitude was felt at Nepal around 2:35 pm on Tuesday. As fresh reports are pouring in 28 people have been killed in Nepal as many houses collapsed due to the shocks.

As per initial reports, two people were killed in Bihar because of the fresh tremors this afternoon. One person died at Anand Bazaar in Danapur area, about 12 km west from the state capital, as a wall fell on him, while second person, a girl child was killed near Mahua in Vaishali district while fleeing after the first tremor.