Neil Fonseca Confesses Killing Wife, Sons: Police


Kolkata: Police finally managed to question Neil Fonseca on Tuesday, 20 days after they found him injured in his bedroom where wife, Jessica, and twin sons, Joshua and Darren, lay dead. Police say Neil has confessed to the killings, saying he was driven to desperation by a Rs 50 lakh debt and arguments with his wife over his extramarital affair.

Police had all long suspected Neil but could not question him because he was admitted in a private clinic for his injuries. Doctors allowed the questioning on Monday night, which lasted till Tuesday. According to the police, Neil said he was shocked when his daughter Rebecca told him on January 13 that she needed Rs 10 lakh to continue her studiesnext semester at a US Pennsylvania University. The next day was Neil and Jessica’s anniversary and although he was deep in debt, he did not want to cancel athe family dinner planned on January 15 at a club. But at the dinner table, Jessica “hurt him” by saying said that Neil’s extramarital affair cost him money and alienated his family, Neil has said.

The argument continued till the couple returned home, where it only got worse, waking up their 16-year-old twins. They supported their mother in the argument. Neil asked them to go back to sleep which they did. But Neil says he could not. He admits he first murdered his wife and then his sons in a fit of rage.

He had no intention of committing suicide, and inflicted wounds on himself to implicate Jessica, police say.

“There are still several gaps in the story and the motive is still to get full credence. But we can now say that Neil has accepted he murdered all three victims,” said Debashish Boral, joint CP (crime). Police say he will be questioned a few more times before he is put under arrest. “We have to ascertain whether it was a pre-planned crime but prima facie, it seems all murders took place due to sudden uncontrollable anger,” an investigator said. Doctors have told police that Neil needs to stay in hospital for a few more days.

“He was our only suspect from day one because of the discrepancies in his statements. From today, we can conclusively pursue the murder case against him,” said Boral. Sources said the forensic reports have started coming in and they also have testimonies of Rebecca and Jessica’s sister Sabana Ansari along with that of a psychiatrist whom the couple visited often. “Forensic experts have concluded that the gashes on all three victims were made by the same person. Also, self-inflicted injuries are deeper where they start and gradually become shallower. Neil’s wounds are similar,” said the investigator. Chowmein was found in the stomach of the two kids and some alcohol in Jessica’s. But police are waiting for the viscera report to ascertain if the three were drugged before being murdered.