Neighbouring states’ police to track down Arup’s murderers


Kolkata: Although it has been a week since Arup Bhandari has been fatally beaten up , the police have failed the five miscreants who were involved with the heinous crime. Sandip Tiwari, Anandaprasad, Suvam Dubey, Barun Sharma and Raju Tiwari are still absconding. According to sources, these five miscreants have escaped to the adjoining province. To track and hunt them down, the police of the adjoining states of West Bengal has been approached. They have been informed about the incident and the police will be engaged to search for the five absconding culprits.

On the other hand, a morose atmosphere has set in at Hrishikesh Bose Lane of Salkia, the area awhere Arup Bhandari lived. Although, Mamata Banerjee had dropeed in at Arup’s house on Wednesday and assured full support from the State Govt’s end, the void of Arup Bhandari can never be filled up, feels Arup’s mother.