Neighbour Accused for Fake Marriage Promises


Maldah: A young pregnant woman accusing her neighbor for making fake promises of marriage and having physical relationship with her in Maldah’s Baisnav area, has gone to the District Police super to make a complain of breaking marriage promises. The woman is reported to be five months Pregnant with the neighbor’s child.

According to local sources, resident of Vaishnabnagar police station’s Pardeonapur village, the lady was in a relationship with her neighbor Humayun Sheik for past one year. It is alleged that worker by profession Humayun had been physically intimate with the young woman several times.

The family has complained that the boy refused to marry after he came to know about the pregnancy. Family also accuses Vaishabnagar police station for not taking any action after making repeated written complaints. Hence the woman and her family have approached the district police super. Police Super Prasun Bannerjee has given orders for investigation.