Nehru tried to stop Rajendra Prasad from becoming President: Book


New Delhi: Even after 50 years of his death, controversy doesn’t seem to leave India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Now, after the snooping on Netaji’s family members during his regime, he has landed up in fresh controversy after a book by former intelligence officer RNP Singh reveals that Nehru took to blatent lies to prevent Rajendra Prasad from becoming the first President of free India.

The book “Nehru: A troubled Legacy” has been published by Wisdom Tree and includes letters written by Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and others.

According to Singh, the official records reveal that on September 10 1949, Nehru had written to Rajendra Prasad that he and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had decided that the ‘safest and the best course’ would be to have C Rajagopalachari as the first President of India.

Rajendra Prasad was deeply hurt and was disappointed by the way Nehru had treated him. Prasad marked a copy of the letter to Sardar Patel who was at Bombay. Patel was surprised to learn about the letter written by Nehru because nothing was discussed between him and Nehru regarding whether Rajagopalachari or Prasad should become the President.

In his reply to Nehru on September 11 he said given his standing at the party he deserved to be treated better. In his book Singh stated, “When Nehru found out that he has been caught he chose the only option open to him, i.e. to accept his folly. He said he was distressed to read Rajendra Prasad’s letter and said it seemed that he had misjudged him and even Patel.  Later, in the same letter, he said: “Vallabhbhai knows nothing about my writing to you.”

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