‘Negative’ Virat Kohli Affecting India & Other Batsmen: Mark Waugh

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Bengaluru: Former Australian batsman and current national selector Mark Waugh has slammed Indian captain Virat Kohli for his terrible misjudgement in Bengaluru.

The former cricketer went on to say that Kohli’s negative approach has rubbed off on his teammates.
“That’s a brain fade,” Waugh said. “I know the ball before bounced and hit him on the thigh pad and he’s a bit worried about those two men on the leg side but that’s bread and butter for an Indian batsman (especially) a class player. You just tuck that off the hip. It was very un-Kohli like. He made a point of saying ‘we need to play with much more intent in this game’ but he’s been the prime example of not actually doing that.”

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“He’s just thinking negatively because there are men around the bat. He’s thinking if it bounces, he might get an inside edge. As a batsman, you can’t think like that. He can hit that ball in his sleep for runs. He’s obviously thinking a little bit negatively and that’s rubbed off on a few of his teammates,” added Waugh.

The right-handed batsman struggled for runs against Australia in Pune enduring a pair of embarrassing dismissals. The same continued in Bengaluru as Kohli – who failed to find his rhythm – was dismissed LBW by Lyon on a delivery that skidded onto his pads. Kohli became a victim of indecision as he was dismissed without offering a shot for the second time in two innings.