Need for innovation in systems for effective healthcare delivery:J P Nadda

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New Delhi: There is a need for innovation in the systems and practices in delivery of healthcare to enhance their effectiveness. There is an equal need for sharing of best practices between the various stakeholders in the health sector in order to benefit from the prevalent knowledge and experience in different quarters. Union Health Minister J P Nadda stated this at the Third Biennial International Conference and Advanced Live Laparoscopic Workshop- ENDOLAP 2014, organised by the Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, on 8th February.

Stating that laparoscopy is a skilled surgery which requires advanced training, the Health Minister highlighted the gap between the demand and supply in the human resources in the health sector including doctors, specialists and para-medical professionals. With more opportunities for advanced training for such specialization, not only will the demand- supply gap be reduced but the patients will also benefit with better healthcare, the Minister pointed out. The Government is working on plans for holistic healthcare which include creating infrastructure at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels in addition to providing better healthcare services in the rural areas, the Minister mentioned.