Nearly 7000 Indian Nurses to be sent to India from UK


London: Nearly 7000 nurses who forms the backbone of Britain’national Health service, might be sent back to India. A new immigration policy that intends to cap the number of migrants living in the U.K will lead to nearly 7,000 nurses being sent home 2020.

As a result of the changes in the immigration laws in 2012 nearly 3,365 nurses currently working in the U.K. may have to leave the country by 2017.

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According to the Royal College of Nursing, if the levels of recruitment stay the same by 2020, 6,620 nurses will be affected with a majority of them from India.

The new rules say that a nurse can stay in the UK only if she or he earns a minimum of £35,000 a year – which is the salary of a senior nurse. This is a position that the majority of nurses would not reach within six years.