NE Militants Offer 2 Lakh for Capturing One Army Jawan


Guwahati: The militants group in North Eastern India like NSCN (K) and others have announced Rs. 2 Lakh for every captured Indian army men. Government and intelligence agencies have issued alert that security personnel including those on leave, may be targeted by the militants.

Insurgent outfits like NSCN (K) have moved their camps and top commanders deep inside Myanmar territory, in some cases retreating as many as 70 km across the border. These militants include perpetrators of the June 4 Manipur attack in which 18 Indian Army soldiers were killed – its highest casualty in such an attack since 1993.

While the shifting of camps does provide a temporary buffer zone to India, the opinion is forming that the probability of an Indo-Myanmar joint operation to flush them out in the near future is very low. Besides the operational difficulties of targeting militants deep into enemy territory, the major cause seems to be the embarrassment faced by Myanmar after a very public chest thumping by Indian politicians.

As per a reliable input from the R&AW, the insurgent groups have also decided to stay quiet for a month and not resort to any major action. India had launched a hot pursuit in Myanmar and killed over 100 militants avenging the Manipur ambush.

The main leaders of NSCN (K) are believed to be heading for the main camps inside Myanmar in Taga, which is a 70-kilometre aerial distance from the Indo-Myanmar border

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