Nawaz Sharif To Hold Massive Road Show For Political Mileage

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Lahore: The PML-N has planned to hold a major two-day road show when former prime minister Nawaz Sharif returns to his hometown Lahore on Wednesday, to get the much-needed political mileage in the face of the challenges its government is facing.

The party has postponed earlier plan of Nawaz returning to Lahore on Sunday through motorway by mobilizing people from across Punjab for Nawaz ‘historic’ occasion of returning to Lahore via GT Road as the best option to show its political muscles.

Punjab Information Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman said the decision to change the programme had been taken on “public pressure”. He said Nawaz Sharif’s journey to Lahore would be completed at least in two days. “Although there are security issues in travelling on the GT Road but Nawaz is a brave leader,” he said.

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The PML-N workers from across Punjab are being mobilised by the local leadership to reach Lahore and other points to welcome their leader who was disqualified by the Supreme Court in the Panama Papers case on July 28, to get a ‘Turkey like public reaction’, the Dawn reported.

Since the party rules in Punjab, the opposition Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf has alleged use of state machinery in a bid to make Nawaz’s return to Lahore a ‘historic’ event.

“The Punjab government is using all its resources to make the show (Nawaz’s return to Lahore) a success,” PTI leader Abdul Aleem Khan said.