Navy Likely To Get Mystery Missile Tracking Warship Next Year


New Delhi:  To hike navy strength in world power, India’s most advanced missile tracking warship is ready to move. It will be handed to the navy in 2018. A naval vessel with a mystery name VC 11184 has been built at Hindustan Shipyard Ltd (HSL) at a cost of Rs. 725 crore under a classified project which began four years ago.

ভিডিওতে দেখুন কীভাবে সুখোই থেকে ছোঁড়া হচ্ছে ব্রহ্মোস মিসাইল

The Indian Navy has been focusing on developing indigenous platforms, systems, sensors and weapons as part of the nation’s modernisation and expansion of its maritime forces. As of 2014 the Indian Navy has 41 vessels of various types under construction, including an aircraft carrier; destroyers; frigates; corvettes; and conventional-powered and nuclear-powered submarines.

বিশ্ব রেকর্ড গড়ে সুখোই থেকে দ্রুততম ব্রহ্মোস ছুঁড়ল ভারত

Like hush-hush construction of nuclear submarines, complete secrecy is being maintained by Navy and HSL on the missile-range instrumentation ship, which will be India’s most advanced and largest ocean surveillance vessel that can track ballistic missiles.

Reliable sources in HSL and Navy told TOI the project is in trial phase and the warship will be handed over to Navy in a few months. The vessel would have a special team on board from the technical intelligence bureau (National Technical Research Organisation), which directly reports to National Security Advisor’s office.

গোপন মিশনে বন্দরে ভিড়তে চলেছে পাকিস্তানের দুটি যুদ্ধ জাহাজ

As per information from defence websites, the vessel, known only by its mysterious yard designation at Visakhapatnam, VC 11184, will be deployed for supporting India’s strategic weapons program.