Nationwide Transportation Strike On Tuesday


New Delhi: The normal flow of life will be ceased on Tuesday as All India Trade Union and Transportation Organisations has called for a nationwide strike on Tuesday. Bus, Metro, Auto service will be affected including school buses. Commuters will face a trouble due to the strike.

Union government amended Motor Vehicle Law which is the reason behind the strike, says transportation organisation. Mainly truck, bus, taxi service will get the heat of the bandh.

But interestingly no BJP and TMC affiliated organisations are not observing the strike. West Bengal will not be affected under this. CITU, AITUC, INTUC are the frontier in carrying the agitation and holding the flag of the strike.

AITUC general secretary Sethuselvam informed that the Motor Vehicle amendment Law will make the situation more insignificant for the labours where the chance of the making hike of payment will be tough.

One obvious thing coming out of the situation that the market will be high as the loaded truck will be obstructed. So the consumers will get the heat out of this. But the flow of commercial vehicle will be normal in West Bengal.