Naseeruddin Should Consider Moving To Pakistan: Shiv Sena


Mumbai: Amid fury raised by fringe elements over Naseeruddin Shah’s latest comments, Shiv Sena has delivered a shocker. Manisha Kayande from the Uddhav Thackeray-led party said the actor should move to Pakistan if he doesn’t feel comfortable in India.

The remarks came under heavy criticism from some who have accused him of ‘defaming’ India. The actor, however, justified his remark and his rights to express his views.
“Similar sentiments were expressed by another actor Amir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao. This is the second actor who has used such language after enjoying all the benefits that this country had to offer .If he is not satisfied, he should go and live in Pakistan,” Manisha Kayande said.

But the actor’s fears may not be far-fetched given that certain right-wing groups have come all guns blazing at him. Ajmer literature festival in Rajasthan was called off as Shah was to deliver a keynote address at the event amid protests by right wing groups over the veteran actor’s comments.

A fringe group from Uttar Pradesh, UP Navnirman Sena booked air-tickets for Naseeruddin Shah to travel to Pakistan.