NASA To bring Mars Rocks to earth


Washington: An ambitious project that aims to bring rock samples from Mars collected by NASA’s 2020 Mars over to find out traces of ancient life on the Red planet can be launched as early as 2020, NASA officials reported.This project called as Red Dragon project. The mission will use the dragon cargo capsule from US Aerospace manufacturer Space exploration Technologies Corporation. After a long journey, the capsule will touch down near the 2020 Mars rover.

This red dragon will have a robotic arm, extra fuel tank and a central tube that a houses a rocket- powered Mars Ascent vehicle and Earth return vehicle.Red Dragon is “technically feasible with the use of these emerging commercial technologies, coupled with technologies that already exist,” Andy Gonzales from NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, was quoted as saying. NASA’s current Curiosity rover has confirmed the presence of methane on Mars environment which may hint that life once existed on the Red Planet.

“Red Dragon can go anywhere the rover can go, as far as landing elevation and terrain. We are confident we could land in front of the rover ,” Gonzales also pointed out.

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