NASA Rejected The Application Of An Indian Engineer


Suparna Sinha Roy, Lucknow: As per statistically saying, 4 Indian had work in NASA among every 10 workers. NASA rejected the application of Indian engineer after successfully form fill up because only an American engineer will be selected for the particular post of NASA’s job.

শুধুমাত্র ভারতীয় বলেই ইঞ্জিনিয়ারের চাকরির আবেদন ফেরাল NASA

NASA invites the application for the post of ‘Alien replacing’. Last few days everybody knows the news of job for NASA. For this Alien replacing job, NASA will pay US $ 124,406 to $ 184,000 per year. An Indian engineer Sayed Mohammed from Lucknow applied for the post of NASA’s job but he rejected after a long process of form fill up.

After Donald Trump being President of the America many Indians were harassed. There has been a lot of flurry with the visas of Indians and the survival of living in America. As per news, A Canadian girl was not allowed to enter American border just because of Indian origin.

Now the allegations against NASA have to be surprisingly surprising. Normal candidates usually rejected due the educational qualification. But after this incident one question would be rise against the American Government that only Americans are eligible for this position to replace the alien?