Narrow Escape For Rajyarani Express


Alipurduar: Chaos broke out on Tuesday at the Alipurduar Station Junction over the derailment of the Rajyarani Express.

The locals and witnesses accused the driver and the signal man’s negligence for the narrow escape of the Rajyarani Express. The rail authorities have not released any statement on the matter.

As per sources, the Rajyarani Express was on its way for shunting at the Alipurduar Station Junction. During shunting, the train hit the dumper at the end of the line. The hit led to the derailment of the train. Post this incident, a rumour broke out between the locals of the nearby slum that the rail derailed and moved inside the slum area. As a result, panic sparked derailedamong the locals of the slum. But these stories proved to be false as there was no incidence of any damage to the slum. Though, the train got derailed.

Several slum dwellers fled from their homes post this incident, in fear. The rail officials from the Alipurduar Station rushed to the spot. Recovery work to dig out the rail engine which is stuck on the ground.