Narada Sting: Samuel Urges Police To Withdraw Summons


Kolkata:  Narada news CEO Mathew Samuel has requested Kolkata Police to withdraw its summon in connection with the West Bengal government’s probe into the Narada sting operation saying the matter is still sub-judice. He has e-mailed his request on Monday evening.

“I have not received any letter from them. So, I have replied to the mail from where the summon was sent to me on June 23,” Samuel told PTI.

“In regard with the instruction to appear before the assistant police commissioner, I have not yet received any physical copy of communication from you through post. Nor have I have received any phone call from Kolkata Police in this regard,” Samuel wrote.

“I seek to ask how did you attempt to contact me. I humbly state that the matter is still pending in the honourable Calcutta High Court and I have submitted all documents, materials, original footage and all equipment used during the sting operation to the honourable High court as per its directions.

“On June 24, the Honourable Calcutta High Court has directed Hyderabad forensic lab to send all material to Chandigarh forensic lab. Honourable High Court had earlier on June 20 directed that its verdict will be final and binding on all parties after, on June 17, the West Bengal CM ordered an inquiry into Narada News Sting X Files.