Narada Sting: HC Blow To State, Orders Suspension Of Investigation


Kolkata: The High Court on Friday, presumed as a blow to the state, temporarily suspended the investigation over the Narada scam on Friday.

Manjulla Chellur, the Chief Justice has put a temporary suspension on the Narada scam till the next hearing on August 19. Based on the hearing on that day, the probe would resume.

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In another development to the Narada case, the reports from the Hyderabad and Chandigarh laboratories (CFSL) have come today. But the HC has refrained from making it public. Chief Justice Manjulla Chellur said that the contents of the report would be kept as a secret as it is a sensitive one. Hence it would not be made public.

Vishal Garg, Joint CP Crime remained mum on the matter on Friday. He averted to questions on Narada news placed by journalists at Lalbazar headquarters.

On June 24, the Honourable Calcutta High Court had directed Hyderabad forensic lab to send all materials to Chandigarh forensic lab. Honourable High Court had earlier on June 20 directed that its verdict will be final and binding on all parties after, on June 17, the West Bengal CM ordered an inquiry into Narada News Sting X Files.

Setting of a political furore, a 24-minute video of a sting operation, was released by a news portal on Monday, purportedly showing 11 senior Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders and a senior police officer, close to the leaders, promising favours and accepting wads of currency notes from representatives of a fictitious firm.

The TMC has called the footage a “manufactured video” and threatened to go to court while the opposition demanded the resignation of the TMC chairperson Mamata Banerjee, though she does not feature in the footage.

The sting operation conducted by the news portal Narada News released a finely crafted video called ‘X Files’ on its website. It shows nearly all the top leaders of the TMC — including party vice president Mukul Roy, three Cabinet Ministers and six sitting MPs — accepting money from a person, who claims to have come to Kolkata from Chennai, for favours to a fictitious company, Impex Consultancy. The money ranges from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh. Within minutes, the video had gone viral on social media.

The producers of the video, well known journalist and former Managing Editor of Tehelka magazine, Mathew Samuel and Angel Abraham, claimed that they started making the sting-video more than two years back.