Narada Sting: CBI To Reconstruct Crime Scene To Find Missing Links


Kolkata: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) would be using the forensic science discipline of crime reconstruction to find out the “missing links” if any in Narada sting operation.

Crime reconstruction (CC) is used to gain comprehensive knowledge of the set of events that surrounds the commission of a crime.

কীভাবে নারদকাণ্ড? ঘটনার ‘পুনর্নিমাণ’ করবে সিবিআই

CC would help CBI to find out the initial stages of the sting operation like finding out the set of actions carried out by Samuel before he conducted the operation. CBI wants to interrogate two people about whom Samuel had spoken before conducting the sting operation on top TMC party members.

Ismail, the taxi driver would be quizzed by the CBI whom Samuel has spoken. Tiger Mirza would be questioned next.

Though CBI has with them the Samuel version regarding what he did before meeting top TMC brass, the central investigating agency is in dark regarding the primal phase of the sting operation.  Now by interrogating Ismail and Tiger Mirza, CBI would be corroborating Samuel’s version. According to CBI sources, this action by them might shed light on the unknown territory of the case.

As per Samuel’s version, he first met Ismail in Calcutta who later introduced him to Tiger Mirza. Later Mirza took him to TMC leader and deputy mayor of Calcutta Municipal Corporation Iqbal Ahmed.

CBI would grill both Ismail and Mirza to know whether they knew Samuel before hand as a journalist. What prompted Mirza to take Samuel to top TMC leaders who have been named in Narada sting operation? Did they receive any financial favors from Samuel during the sting operation and whether they were a part of the operation?

Reported by Sujoy Pal,

Edited by Sucheta Chakraborty

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