Narada Scam: Calcutta HC Gives Nod To Bribe Theory


Kolkata: The infamous Narada scam is in courts. The court proceedings reveal a different side to the alleged money laundering. The sting tapes, which were released by Narada Media Pvt Ltd before the West Bengal Assembly elections in 2016, purportedly show 11 TMC leaders, including ministers and MPs, accepting money.

State Advocate General claims that there is no prime evidence of money extortion in the sting video. However, acting Chief Justice Nishita Mhatre refuses to rule out the bribe theory. She said that in the Bangaru Laxman Sting too, there was no proof of money demand. Still the verdict was based on the fact that it was a bribe.

Independent investigation needs to be conducted on the basis of the submitted proof. Further investigation might be transferred to any other central agency. State police might be exempted from this.

The West Bengal government on Thursday claimed that no CBI probe was required into the Narada tapes as Mathew Samuel, who conducted the alleged sting operation, could not establish any demand for bribe from any Trinamool Congress leader purportedly appearing in the videos.