Narada News Released New Sting Video On Shovan Chatterjee


Kolkata: After much speculation over the authenticity of tapes, Narada News has decided to publish the unedited version of the X Files Sting operation footage exposing corrupt Trinamool Congress leaders. The fourth video footage in the series features TMC leader and current Mayor of the city of Kolkata, the capital of the state of West Bengal Sovan Chatterjee. Chatterjee has been a KMC councillor uninterruptedly since 1985. From other TMC leaders we met and senior police officer Syed MH Mirza we got to know that Sovan Chatterjee is an important Trinamool Congress leader who happens to be very close to Mamata Banerjee’s family.

He can be heard stating in the video: “I am handling his (Abhishek Banerjee’s) election campaign.” He told the undercover Narada News journalist, editor in chief Mathew Samuel, posing as a representative of the fictitious Consultancy company that he would introduce them to CM Mamata Banerjee’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee after the elections. On being asked whether Abhishek will accept money and meet the undercover journalist, the TMC leader says Mamata gives him money. During the course of interaction, Sovan is heard talking in Bangla to his associate about “Dollar” money that has been received and asks the associate to tell Raja to “look into it.” Sovan Chatterjee, after receiving money, promised extend all help as the Mayor of Kolkata: “If there is any work, call me”.

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