Narada Needles TMC Again: 6th Video Featuring Kakoli Arrives


Kolkata: Narada news has needled TMC once again today. The website has published TMC MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar’s sting video footage—the sixth unedited full version in its series that has stung TMC very hard.

Mathew Samuel, Chief of Narada news is being seen here in the video posing as an undercover representing a fictitious company that works for 25 big MNC’s. Samuel could be seen giving money to Kakoli in exchange of her favours.

Kakoli could be seen assuring the undercover investigative journalist all favours. She tells Samuel that her family is one of the pioneering families of TMC.

Samuel as an Editor of has already submitted the unedited videos to Lok Sabha’s Ethics Committee. But, he is reluctant to visit Kolkata to depose before High Court; as he fears for his life.

Meanwhile, this series of sting videos has already gone viral in this age of internet. Undoubtedly, this expose has done irreparable damage to TMC’s image in public before the all-important Bengal Assembly Polls, which is underway. Whether TMC lose or Win the election, it’s a separate question; but this issue has tarnished the party after Saradha scam.

It will be an uphill task for TMC to answer all uncomfortable questions that are cropping up in public domain. With So many leaders have become tainted, TMC is now in back foot politically.