Narada CEO Mathew Samuel Denies To Appear At Police Station


Kolkata: Narada News CEO Mathew Samuel was summoned by police in connection with a case involving an extortion call to a former MP of Bihar.

The officer-in charge has asked Samuel to appear at the Muchipara Police Station by April 20, as stated in summon, but he did not appear at the station within given time.

Samuel, however, said on Sunday night that travelling for him was prohibited as doctors advised him complete bed rest for at least three months after a surgery.

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“I’ll consult my lawyers and send my replies to Kolkata Police. I have been prescribed complete bed rest by my doctors after the surgery. And travelling is strictly no for me,” Samuel said.

A case was lodged against Mathew in connection with an extortion case in which an ex-MP of Bihar was asked to pay Rs five crore, otherwise a sting operation footage of him accepting bribe would be made public.

Samuel had conducted a sting operation which showed people resembling senior Trinamool Congress leaders receiving money allegedly for giving future favours. Footage of the sting operation was made public before the West Bengal Assembly election last year.

The extortion call was allegedly made from a hotel in Muchipara area of the city.

Police had raided the hotel room and seized a laptop and mobile phone and claimed the occupant was not in the room.

The laptop allegedly had a photo that resembled Samuel.

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