Narada CEO Claims TMC Leader’s Help During Sting


Kolkata: Narada head Mathew Samuels claims that TMC leader Iqbal Ahmed and Sultan Ahmed helped him during the sting operation. He said at an interview to a news channel that Iqbal Ahmed took him to Sultan Ahmed. We haven’t received any comments from Iqbal Ahmed who is busy at Khanakul meeting. According to Mathews, Iqbal Ahmed helped him to get inside the TMC party. At first Iqbal took Mathew to Sultan Ahmed, another TMC Leader.

Five years ago, India’s eastern state of West Bengal was witnessing a revolution of sorts. People disenchanted with the over three-decade rule of the Left parties saw Mamata Banerjee, as their savior. The activists of the anti-corruption movement saw her as a beacon of hope, for a nation plagued by corruption and nepotism. Mamata’s pitch for probity in public life found resonance with the common man’s aspiration for a corruption free government.

Her unrelenting campaign paid off. And she and her Trinamool Congress or TMC rode to power with a historic mandate. But the euphoria of the new government soon began to fade.

Mamata government was beleaguered by the Sarada chit fund scam in which prominent leaders of her TMC were involved. This compelled us to visit the corridors of power in Bengal.

Our investigations, spread over two years, laid bare the fact that, far from being transparent, both Mamata’s government as well as her party, the TMC, is run by perhaps the most corrupt elements in the country. What we recorded on camera is shocking…

Here almost all leaders of TMC were found willing to flout any rule of the state for a bundle of cash.

We started our investigation before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Despite the alleged involvement in the Sarada chit fund scam, TMC was projected to be a clear winner in most of the Lok Sabha. This was despite allegations that the Mamata government was protecting some of the accused in the Sarada scam.

The way in which chief minister Mamata Banerjee came out in defence of a senior police officer Syed M H Mirza was very telling.

She took on the independent Election Commission against Mirza’s transfer from Burdwan district. Our investigations took off from there.

We formed a fictitious company -Impex Consultancy- and approached several ministers and Trinamool leaders to seek favours for the company. This was an attempt to unravel what is happening behind closed doors.

We also met Mirza. The senior police official was very forthcoming and ‘business friendly’. He acknowledged that he is a key person who collects funds for the Trinamool Congress. He even claimed that he is the most trusted lieutenant of former railway minister Mukul Roy. Mukul was the chief lieutenant of Mamata Banerjee.

Mirza’s claims led us to the house of Mukul Roy. He was not willing to take money from us directly. He told us to go to his office.

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