Narada Case Probe: K D Singh In Trouble After Mathew’s Statement


Kolkata: Mathew Samuel has erupted with jolting information on Narada Scam against the Trinamool Rajyasabha MP Kanwar Deep Singh. Samuel has strongly worded that K D Singh had funded the entire Sting Operation process of Narada Scam against the heavyweight leaders-ministers-MLAs. He has provided some documents as evidence of Narada Scam to CBI including a voice record of their conversation as testimony of taking money.

CBI had been investigating the Narada Scam in search of the source who was controlling the ups and downs in finding process. Mathew Samuel has claimed that Organisation run by K D Singh had given 80 lakh to continue the sting operation. CBI has asked for answer regarding that.

নারদা-কাণ্ডে সাংসদ কেডি সিংকে চাপে ফেললেন ম্যাথু

Denying the statement K D Singh organisation had claimed that, they did not provide any money for Narada Scam. The organisation has given wrong information to manipulate the investigation on Narada Scam. They had several set of conversation on the negotiation of ‘amount’ will be fixed for the operation. He has showcased screen-shots of WhatsApp conversation to the CBI officials along with many documents.


Reportedly, after getting all the evidences K D Singh might get called by CBI. CBI sources says he will be called at Nizam Palace for another round of interrogation.