Nandigram’s Jawan Returns Home In Coffin


Tamluk: The body of deceased jawan Buddhadeb Panda was brought home on Sunday after he passed away on Friday after being electrocuted.

The 26-year-old jawan was electrocuted in the army camp in Lucknow while tring to
dry wet clothes after bathing on Friday. He was posted in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.
The Jawan’s body arrived at his village in Nandigram on Sunday.

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The bad news came to his family on Friday night. The family members were mentally
broken after hearing the news of his death. His mother Pratima is bed-ridden.
Buddhadeb was the eldest among the two brothers. He joined the army after
completing his HS examinations.

A couple of weeks ago he came to his home and the Buddhadeb returned to Lucknow
just few days ago. Father Vivekananda Das said, “on Thursday night we heard his
voice for the last time.

Buddhadeb’s wife, Rakhidevi is pregnant. They also have a four-year-old baby girl.
Buddhadeb told his wife that he would return home before Durga Pujo. He came home
before Puja, but wrapped in coffins.