Nana Patekar Announces His Next Movie Titled ‘Nation First’


Mumbai: After giving critically acclaimed and blockbuster Marathi film Natasamrat earlier this year, actor Nana Patekar and director Mahesh Manjerekar will team up again for a Hindi film titled, Nation First.

Nana, whose Natasamrat was screened at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), here, said the duo’s upcoming film rides on a fantastic script.

“We are going to start our new film soon. It’s called ‘Nation First’. We have got a fantastic script. If the film comes here at IFFI next year, I won’t be surprised,” Nana told reporters.

“It has no songs, and it’ll have at the most a running time of 100 minutes. I feel you can tell a story in that time, no need to make a 3-hour film,” he added. The 65-year-old actor said his film choices are a result of his passion to prove himself everyday as an actor and be young to compete with people.

“Cricketers and actors have a test match everyday. You may have scored a century earlier, but what are you doing today is important. You can’t live on past laurels. If someone new comes, public will go there. I haven’t aged beyond 16. You have to be young,” he said.

While actor has featured in serious movies like Krantiveer, Parinda and Ab Tak Chhappan, he was also a part of Welcome film series. When asked what he enjoys more, he quipped, “Whichever, who pays me.” Nana said he did “Welcome to test if he can pull off a comedy.

“When I did ‘Welcome’, I wanted to check whether I am capable to do that kind of role or not. I was not sure if people would accept me, or if I have got that kind of talent. So I did it, I tried.”

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