Namrata Damor was choked to death: Autopsy


New Delhi: The Vyapam case took a new turn as the autopsy of second year medical student Namrata Damor who died mysteriously in 2012, has revealed that her death was a homicide. The findings of the report show that she was murdered by ‘asphyxia’ which would mean that she was choked to death.

“The case is of January 9, 2012. The postmortem was done by a 3-member panel. There were nail marks on her face and neck which indicated that her death was due to forcibly closing her mouth and neck as is in the case of homicide. Such deaths are never accidental or suicidal, they are only homicidal,” Dr. BB Purohit said who was part of the panel which did the postmortem.

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The Ujjain police had decided to conduct a fresh investigation into the mysterious death of Damor death, who was found dead near a railway track in 2012. An earlier investigation into Damor’s death had termed it as a suicide, following which the case was shut by police.

 “We have ordered a review of the death of Namrata Damor. Sub-Divisional Officer of Police (SDOP), Tarana, RK Sharma will reopen the case,” Ujjain Superintendent of Police Manohar Singh Varma said. Police had registered a murder case following her death but later closed it describing it as an “accident”.