Barack has said his ‘Maan ki Baat’: PM Modi


The much awaited ‘Mann Ki Baat’ strengthened the relationship between Modi and Obama. It also took the bond between India and US to an entirely new level. India heard the conversation between the most talked about persons in the last few days. Obama opened his heart out and in his signature formal manner answered the questions asked by the Indian audience. Modi too was at his best conversational tone at ‘Maan Ki Baat’.


  • I am thankful that Barack Obama consented to give this special address, says PM Modi
  • If you are helping someone else, the satisfaction you get from that exceeds anything else. That is what inspires me: Obama

  • Sex ratio in India cause of concern because of our biased view towards boys and girls: Modi
  • There are days when its tough & frustrating. But almost daily I meet someone who says you made a difference in my life: President Obama
  • If you read about Benjamin Franklin, it will help and inspire you to transform your life: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  • I was inspired by Benjamin Franklin of US. I read his autobiography, says PM Modi
  • Earlier they said, ‘workers of the world unite.’ I think today it should be- youth unite the world: PM
  • Leaders can’t simply try to govern by top down strategy, but rather have to engage in dialogue with citizens – Obama
  • Both India and US are open societies, new ideas are constantly being exchanged, says Obama
  • Obama: Emphasis on higher education is necessary for all around development of youth which is actually strength of a Nation.
  • He told me with pride that I come from that city (Chicago) where Swami Vivekananda had gone: PM Mod
  • I never imagined I would be where I am today: PM Modi on “Mann Ki Baat” in response to a question
  • Much like you when I’d first stood outside White House, I’d never imagined I would visit there, forget living there: President Obama
  • Obama: We both have been blessed with an extraordinary opportunity coming from humble beginnings
  • India has lot to teach many other countries who may not be advancing as rapidly in improving public health sector: US President Barack Obama

  • President Obama gave me a book. It is a book from 1894 on Swami Vivekananda. That touched me: PM
  • When I had first visited US, I had never thought I would have opportunity to enter its premises: Modi
  • We are seeing a world-wide epidemic of obesity, in many cases starting at a very young age:: Obama
  • Obama: Diabetes can lead to lifetime of health challenges & we would like to work on this issue internationally including India
  • Obama: We look forward to partnering with Indian organizations, Govt & NGOs around public health issues including obesity
  • Saving and educating girls is our social responsibility: Modi
  • As for the rainy day yesterday, as you yourself said today morning, Bade Bade Deshon Mein: PM
  • I want to tell you, you can come any time, India will always welcome you and your children: PM
  • When I go back I will tell my daughters that India is as magnificent as I imagined:US Prez
  • My daughters wanted to come but unfortunately they had school. They are fascinated by India’s culture & history: President Obama

  • Our shared values, convictions large part of why I am committed to this relationship: Obama

  • Obama: US people are excited about PM’s effort to reduce poverty, empower women, provide electricity access, clean energy.
  • We want to partner with many of the initiatives started by PM Modi, says Barack Obama
  • India, US natural partners because we have so much in common: ObamaObama feels wonderful to speak to the Indians
  • Obama for the first time talks in Indian Radio
  • Namaste! Thank you PM Modi for your kind words & incredible hospitality: President Obama on ‘Mann Ki Baat’
  • Mann Ki Baat :Barack means one who is blessed in Swahili language: PM