Naked Woman Walks Around Mall Wearing Nothing


If a naked woman walked around a public place, chances are, everybody will immediately take notice of her, right? It’s basically impossible for anyone to miss such a scandalous image, right?

Well apparently, things can get a bit unpredictable when some body paint is involved in the process. As we can see in the prank video below, a professional body painter worked with a model to find out how people will react if she walked around a mall naked.

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Would people notice if a woman walked without clothes in a mall? This artist and this model wanted to know!

Professional body painter Jen Seidel painted model Maria Luciotti to conceal her nude body. The task took about 3 hours to complete. Shortly afterwards, they went to shopping center and tried to capture the reactions of various mall-goers. Aside from pasties, a thong, a hat, and a scarf, Maria was practically naked. The entire process took almost 3 hours to finish. Jen, who is also known on social media as Jen the Body Painter, got a little help from her daughter as they painted a black top and a pair of ripped jeans on Maria’s body.