Nagpur Police Launch Crackdown Against Criminals


Nagpur: Nagpur police, who came under sharp criticism in the past for rising crime scenario, has invoked stringent provisions of Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) against as many as 23 criminals in the past three days.

Police first booked notorious gangster Santosh Ambekar and ten of his close aides- Sanjay Fatode, Shakti Manpiya, Akash Borkar, Yuvraj Mathankar, Gautam Bhatkar, Sachin Adulkar, Lokesh Kumbhatkar, Vinod Masram, Prakash Mankar and Vijay Borkar under MCOCA following the orders of City Police Commissioner S P Yadav and Joint Commissioner of Police Rajvardhan.

They continued with their crackdown by booking criminals Hardeep Singh alias Goldie Kulwant Singh Bhullar, his brother Harvinder Singh and close aide Jaari Kashmira Singh Dhillon under Section three of MCOCA when they were arrested by Jaripatka Police in two cases of extortion, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ranjan Sharma, told a press conference in Nagpur yesterday.

Police had yesterday invoked MCOCA charges against dreaded goon Raju Bhadre and his eight member gang which is being considered as a major crime busting move. This will make it difficult for him to get bail in immediate future, police said.