Nagerbazar Soket Bomb Once Used In Jangalmahal


Kolkata: Soket bomb was used in nagerbazar explosion, according to police sources. But this socket bomb is not like other ordinary bombs. This is a high quality bomb.

According to intelligence sources, the bomb is very similar to Unidirectional Landmine. Maoists have used this type of bomb many times in the Jangalmahal earlier. But ordinary criminals do not use that type of bombs.

Detectives also thought that the bomb left someone on the road and maybe the purpose to collect the bomb from that place. But before that the bomb exploded. There was no detonator in that bomb. So how it exploded? Forensic experts are already investigating the matter.

Many of the explosive experts say that sugar and glycerin often act as a detonator. In that case, mixture of the sugar and glycerin will be sparked. But there is nothing found in that Soket bombs.